Holiday Gifts
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Shop our popular Holiday gift guide and
order today for delivery by Christmas!

Corporate Gifts

The perfect way to say thank you to offices
you partner with through the year.
Our Governors Packs offer a prestigious assortment of nuts,
chocolate covered favorites, and our Mayor's pack offers a dried fruit assortment in a round gift basket.

Jr. Governor's Pack

14" Round Basket
Net Weight of 60 oz.


Jr. Mayor's Pack

14" Round Basket
Net Weight of 60 oz.


Any of our three natural willow gift baskets wrapped with a holiday red bow offer
chocolate covered favorites along with an assortment of dried fruit and nuts.
Medium Handled Basket
Large Handled Basket
Deluxe Handled Basket

Client Gifts

These are great options to give to individuals
you work with and appreciate.
Gold Trays offer a healthy variety of favorite snacks.Choose from a large selection
including the popular chocolate coated raisins or almonds.
Trays starting at 
$15.00 and under

Friends & Family

When you need a great variety for a larger group nothing is better than our
assortments sure to delight everyone in the house.
Our three pack offers a variety of chocolate coated and
naturals in basket arrangements.
These are perfect to sit out on a table for family and friends.
Three Pack
Variety packs are a flavorful gift item offering a
sampling of dried fruits, coated favorites, and naturals.
Variety Pack
The Candy & Nut 3 Pack is great for anyone who loves
a little chocolate with their raisins and almonds.
The pistachios add a classic favorite to the mix!
Candy & Nut 3 Pack

Sending Out Of Town

We have it lucky here in the Central Valley with close access to the world's best
fruits and nuts locally grown. Send some of this California goodness cross country.
Try our California Tray or the Western Rattan
for a real taste of pure California goodness.
California Tray
Western Rattan

Hostess Gifts

Holiday parties are a perfect time to spread cheer and healthy choices.
Bring a variety of our fruits and nuts to your next party for
healthy treat options everyone will appreciate.
Our Mayor’s pack offers the largest combination of
dried fruits including apricots, pears, peaches and more.
Mayor's Pack
The Circle K ranch nut tray gives an offering of almonds, pecans,
cashews, and pistachios packaged in a beautiful holiday bow.
Nut Tray
If you’re wanting to bring a perfect healthy combination try
our fruit and nut gold trays. A flavorful sampling of
California grown pure natural goodness.
Dried Fruit/Nut Pack

Gourmet Gifts Under $30
Not a problem!

Chocolate Yogurt Raisins &
Chocolate Yogurt
Candy Pack
Natural Almonds, Natural Pecans, Roasted & Salted Cashews and
Roasted & Salted Pistachios
Nut Tray
Two Almond Varieties with
Pistachios and three different
Coated Raisins
Candy/Nut Pack
Dark Chocolate & Yogurt Jumbo Raisins
Pistachios and Natural Almonds
Western Rattan
Various Dried Fruits paired with
Almonds, Walnuts & Pecans
Dried Fruit/Nut Pack

Check Out These Great Add-Ons

Chocolate Jumbo Raisins
Jumbo Golden Raisins
Roasted & Salted Cashews
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