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GT 3-9 Candy & Nut 3 Pack (GT-6, GT-8 & GT-11)



Our Candy & Nut 3 Pack is a great treat for those who like a little candy with their Raisins & Almonds. This 3-pack contains 1 gold tray with coated Jumbo Raisins, 1 gold tray with coated Almonds, and 1 gold tray with Pistachios and Natural Almonds.

The gold trays are packed together in a mailer gift box.

This gift has a net weight of 46oz.

Shipping weight is 4 lbs


Treat yourself to a delightful snack with our Candy & Nut 3 Pack! Featuring a gold tray of coated jumbo raisins, a gold tray of coated almonds, and a gold tray of pistachios and natural almonds, this delightful snack has something for everyone. The trays are packed together in a mailer gift box, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. Whether you're looking for an energizing snack to get you through the day or a special treat to make a friend or loved one feel special, our Candy & Nut 3 Pack has it all. Get your Candy & Nut 3 Pack today to enjoy some of the finest coated and natural nuts in the Valley!

Great With

Our Candy & Nut 3 Pack is sure to tantalize your taste buds at any time of the day! The coated jumbo raisins pair excellently with a refreshing glass of iced tea to balance out the sweetness. The coated almonds perfectly complement a steaming cup of coffee or can elevate your morning breakfast by adding a rich sweetness. Our mix of pistachios and natural almonds is a great addition to your salads, trail mix, or cheese boards. Whether it's an afternoon snack or a late-night munch, these snack-and-drink combos are bound to elevate your snacking experience!

Nutritional Benefits

In addition to being incredibly delectable, our Candy & Nut 3 Pack offers an array of health benefits. The jumbo raisins are packed with natural sugars, fibers, and vitamins, making them excellent energy booster. The coated almonds are a powerhouse of nutrients - rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats that contribute to heart health. The pistachios and natural almonds are chock-full of antioxidants, essential for maintaining eye health and boosting the immune system. So when you reach for our Candy & Nut 3 Pack, not only are you satisfying your taste buds, but you're also nourishing your body!


When it comes to storing these delightful snacks, we recommend some simple yet effective steps. The coated jumbo raisins should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to maintain their sweetness and texture. The coated almonds and the mix of pistachios and natural almonds should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place to retain their crunchiness and prevent them from becoming stale. By following these storage recommendations, you can ensure each snack remains fresh and delicious for your enjoyment.