California Tray

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California Tray (CT-43)



A round bowl basket filled with Central California's finest: Chocolate and Yogurt Jumbo Raisins, Pistachios, Chocolate and Yogurt Almonds, and Natural Almonds. This gift basket is sealed, wrapped with a seasonal bow and packed in a white mailer gift box.

The net weight of this gift is 43oz.

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Experience the irresistible allure of California's bounty with our California Tray! This round bowl gift basket is brimming with the finest offerings from Central California: luscious Jumbo Raisins coated in velvety chocolate and creamy yogurt, delectably crunchy Pistachios, and a duo of Almonds, one bathed in the richness of chocolate and yogurt, the other natural. Sealed and topped off with a festive seasonal bow, this enticing assortment comes packed in a pristine white mailer gift box, ready to delight your senses or make someone's day a little bit sweeter.

Great With

With such a bright and flavorful selection to choose from, you are sure to find new ways to incorporate each nut and fruit into your diet. While perfect on their own as an everyday snack, our chocolate and yogurt covered almonds can boost any dish. Pair these delectable almonds with a robust cup of coffee for a midday pick-me-up that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth or add them to a cheese platter for a sweet contrast to the sharp, savory flavors of blue cheese or aged cheddar. For a healthier option, our pistachio and natural almonds are great additions to crisp green salads and trail mixes. Have fun and elevate your trusted recipes with California’s finest!

Nutritional Benefits

Enjoying this vast selection of sweet and savory snacks can also boost your health. Our pistachios and almonds, for example, are high in fiber which helps to control hunger, making you feel fuller for longer. They also host necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which provide support for all areas of the human body including improving brain function, assisting in digestion, and even protecting your cells from oxidative damage, a major contributor to aging and disease. So the next time you're in the mood for a handful of nuts or sweet fruits, you can feel good about it!


Get the most out of the California Tray by ensuring you store each snack appropriately. For maximum results keep nuts and coated snacks away from direct sunlight or excessive heat. Store in a dry, cool, dark place in airtight containers to keep moisture and potential contaminants away. Another option is to freeze coated fruits and nuts to lock in the fresh flavors and enjoy at a later time.