Chocolate Walnuts & Dark Chocolate Walnuts Gold Tray (GT-9)

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Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Walnuts Gold Tray (GT-9)



This Gold Tray has a combination of 2 chocolatey coatings. Premium Milk Chocolate and Premium Dark chocolate cover these natural walnuts.

This Gold Tray has a net weight of 16oz.

Shipping weight is 2 lbs.


The Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Walnuts Gold Tray is a must-have for any chocolate lover. Whether you prefer the smooth and creamy taste of Milk chocolate or the rich and bold flavor of Dark chocolate, this tray has got you covered. The combination of both coatings offers a unique experience that will satisfy your cravings in every bite. Perfect for gifting or savoring alone, this gold tray is your ticket to a moment of pure, chocolatey bliss.

Great With

This gold tray is the perfect addition to your pantry or holiday party! Pair your Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Walnuts with a robust red wine or a rich espresso to heighten your taste buds and make the experience unforgettable. The full-bodied flavor of a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot is a splendid match with the creamy milk chocolate, while the bitter-sweetness of a well-brewed espresso can balance out the richness of the dark chocolate. For a more casual pairing, try them with some sharp cheddar cheese or a honey crisp apple. These pairings not only complement the chocolates but also bring out the nutty flavor of the walnuts. Get ready to embark on a decadent culinary journey with every bite!

Nutritional Benefits

Have you ever wanted to enjoy chocolate treats without having to feel guilty about the calories and sugars? Our gold tray is the perfect replacement for your sweet chocolate craving. Not only is this a tantalizing treat for your taste buds, it's also packed with a wealth of nutritional benefits! Walnuts are a powerhouse of essential nutrients, boasting high levels of omega-3 fats, protein, and fiber. Combine that with chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants and known to boost mood and heart health, and you have a deliciously indulgent treat that's also beneficial for your well-being. So why wait? Dive into this sumptuous delight today and give your body the nourishment it needs while satisfying your sweet tooth!


Storing your Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Walnuts properly is key to maintaining their delightful crunch and decadent flavor. Keep your treats in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The ideal storage temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the chocolate from melting. Humidity can also affect the quality of chocolate, so aim for a humidity level below 50%. If you're planning on saving some for later, you can store the tray in an airtight container to prevent moisture and other odors from affecting the quality. With proper storage, you can prolong the texture and taste of these exquisite delights and enjoy them at their finest!