Gold Tray w/ Milk Chocolate Almonds

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Gold Tray with Milk Chocolate Almonds




Gold Tray filled with 16 oz. Milk Chocolate Almonds, priced at $16.


Introducing the Milk Chocolate Almonds Gold Tray – the epitome of thoughtful gifting and indulgence for those with discerning taste. This limited edition gold tray includes our California grown almonds coated in creamy milk chocolate. At its core is 16 oz of meticulously selected almonds, each one coated in premium milk chocolate. Encased in a radiant gold tray makes it the perfect statement piece on Valentine's Day. So impress your loved ones and friends with our premium quality tray while supplies last.

Great With

Our premium milk chocolate almonds are the perfect addition to your go-to snacks and recipes. But they pair well with everyday foods as well, helping to elevate your eating experience. Picture the almonds paired with a steaming cup of artisanal coffee, each sip complementing the rich chocolate. Or, consider a pairing with delightful slices of crisp, tart green apples, their freshness cutting through the sweet luxury, creating a dance of flavors on your palate. For an indulgent evening, enjoy these coated almonds with your favorite cup of ice cream or incorporate them into your baking. Our Milk Chocolate Almonds are not only a stand-alone star but also the ultimate companion to your favorite treats, creating harmonious symphonies of flavor in every imaginable combination!

Nutritional Benefits

But wait, there's more to these decadent Milk Chocolate Almonds than just their sumptuous taste! As you indulge in these delightful snacks, you're also embracing a snack that boasts a lot of nutritional benefits. Almonds are a powerhouse of health, packed with protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats that can help keep your energy levels throughout your bustling day. The rich cocoa in our milk chocolate isn't just for your taste buds—it contains antioxidants, known to help protect your health. Snack smart and savor each luxurious bite, knowing that our Milk Chocolate Almonds offer a bite-sized boost to your wellbeing!


Keep your Milk Chocolate Almonds tasting fresh with proper storage! First and foremost, ensure you have a cool, dark spot away from direct sunlight where these sweet treats can be tucked away. An ideal storage temperature is between 65 to 70°F (18 to 21°C), ensuring that each almond retains its flavor and texture. For those with an unquenchable chocolate thirst, your pantry is the sweet spot – just make sure they're sealed tightly in an airtight container to ward off moisture and other pantry pests. With these storage tips, your Milk Chocolate Almonds will always be the pinnacle of sweet indulgence, ready for you to enjoy at a moment's notice!