Chocolate Almonds & Yogurt Almonds Gold Tray

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Chocolate Almonds & Yogurt Almonds Gold Tray (GT-11)


This Gold Tray combines 2 of our popular coated nuts and a Premium Milk Chocolate covered Roasted Almond paired with the milky Vanilla Yogurt Roasted Almond.

This Gold Tray has a net weight of 16oz.

The shipping weight is 2 lbs.  


Enjoy the sweetness of our Chocolate/ Yogurt Almonds Gold Tray! It's the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth and your craving for something crunchy. Our tray combines two of our most popular coated nuts: premium milk chocolate covered roasted almonds, and our milky vanilla yogurt roasted almonds. Both of these treats are packed with flavor, whether you're in the mood for something sweet and chocolatey, or creamy and nutty. Perfect for any occasion, it is also an easy and convenient way to share a delicious snack without having to worry about portioning out the treats. Whether you're throwing a party or simply want to treat yourself, you can't go wrong with this delicious Gold Tray.

Great With

Our Chocolate & Yogurt Almonds Gold Tray pairs incredibly well with both dessert wines and your favorite cup of coffee. Picture this: finishing a delightful dinner, you pour a glass of sweet, aromatic dessert wine, or brew a smooth, robust cup of coffee. Make for a magical time with the taste of our premium Milk Chocolate covered Roasted Almonds and milky Vanilla Yogurt Roasted Almonds by creating a perfect harmony of flavors. It's also a fantastic companion for your afternoon tea break, bringing a touch of indulgence to your everyday routine. So why wait? Satisfy your sweet tooth now! Whether you're enjoying it by yourself or with loved ones, our Gold Tray is the perfect treat to add a little sweetness and crunch to your day.

Nutritional Benefits

Our Chocolate/Yogurt Almonds Gold Tray is more than just a delight to your taste buds. It's also packed with nutritional benefits that are sure to impress anyone. Almonds are a powerhouse of nutrients. They're rich in healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. The health benefits of almonds include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure, and can even help to lower cholesterol levels. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss. What about the coatings? Our premium milk chocolate and vanilla yogurt is made fresh to ensure that crisp sweetness people often crave throughout the day without all the added sugars, dyes, and artificial stuff found in a handful of candy. Who knew indulging could be this healthy?


Storing your chocolate and yogurt coated almonds effectively is crucial for maintaining their quality and freshness over time. The best thing is to store your coated almonds in a cool,dry place. Chocolate and yogurt coatings can melt or become sticky in warm conditions. To maintain their texture, keep them in a dark place, ideally at a temperature between 60-70°F. Store the almonds away from foods with strong odors, like garlic or onions. Chocolate can absorb odors, which may change the flavor over time. Lastly, make sure to keep moisture out by placing your snacks in an airtight container and you should be able to enjoy these treats for months!