Early Bird Special

Get ahead of the game this Holiday season with this limited time offer! Save time and money with our pre-selected assortment packages for a little bit of everything!

Early Bird 10 Pack Gold Tray Assortment

This assortment of trays includes our premium chocolate, yogurt, and dark chocolate selection of almonds and raisins. It is a sweet package and part of our early bird special for 10% off at checkout!

Early Bird 15 Pack Gold Tray Assortment

Healthy, nutrition-packed goodies that will serve as the perfect snacking gift. This assortment is the perfect mix of nuts and fruits, offering a balance of both sweet and savory options as part of our early bird special for 15% off at checkout!

Early Bird 20 Pack Gold Tray Assortment

For maximum value and selection, this tray assortment offers a balanced selection of our most in demand products. Includes our rich chocolate & yogurt covered treats, dried fruit selection, and delicious nuts and qualifies for the early bird special for 20% off at checkout!