Dried Mango

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Dried Mango (DM-12 / DM-80)



Dried Mango comes in thin tasty slices. Dried mangos are packed with Vitamin A.


Try our California fresh Dried Mango! These dried mango slices are a healthy snack alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. Our Dried Mango is gently dried to preserve its unique flavor and texture, for a snack that is bold and full of flavor, yet incredibly thin and light. Packaged conveniently in a 12oz clear bag, it's easy to take on the go and share with friends and family. Try it today and enjoy an energizing and delicious snack that everyone will love!

Great With

Reinvent your daily meals with our delightfully tasty, fresh Dried Mango! Elevate your morning cereal or yogurt with just a handful of these thin, full-flavored dried mango slices. Ignite your salad's taste by sprinkling pieces of our dried mango for that sweet, yet subtle twist. Even your ordinary trail mix can get an exciting jolt of tropical flavor with our dried mango. It's not only a healthy snack alternative on the go, but also an energetic, delicious, and versatile ingredient that can jazz up your everyday meals and snacks!

Nutritional Benefits

Delve into the health benefits found in our quality Dried Mango slices! Packed to the brim with essential nutrients and vitamins, our dried mangoes are a storehouse of health. They are rich in dietary fiber, promoting healthy digestion and making you feel full and satisfied. The high levels of Vitamin A contribute to improved vision, and the presence of Vitamin C boosts your immunity, keeping you energetic and vibrant throughout the day. With a significant amount of antioxidants, our dried mangoes can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Enjoy a snack that not only satiates your taste buds but also contributes to your overall health and well-being.


Storing and maintaining our California fresh Dried Mango is a breeze! To ensure they retain their bold flavors and healthy benefits, keep the dried mango slices in an airtight container or their original packaging, stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to heat, sunlight, or moisture as these can affect the quality and taste. For an extended shelf-life, consider refrigerating the slices. This way, you'll always have a fresh, energizing, and delicious snack ready to go!