Chocolate Almonds

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Chocolate Almonds (CA-12 / CA-80)



Roasted California grown Almonds covered with a premium tasty milk chocolate.


Are you ready for a delectable treat that's both crunchy and smooth? Look no further than our roasted California grown almonds, covered in a premium, mouthwatering milk chocolate. We've perfected the balance of nutty and sweet for an indulgent experience you won't want to miss. Available in 12 oz clear sealed bags or in bulk, you can savor every last bite however you prefer. Say goodbye to boring snacks and hello to a satisfying crunch with chocolate almonds.

Great With

Experience the magic of pairing our delicious chocolate almonds with a variety of foods. For an out-of-this-world experience, try them with your favorite cheeses. The creamy, tangy notes of brie or gouda beautifully complement the nutty richness of our chocolate almonds. If you're a fruit lover, pair these decadent treats with sharp, crisp apples or juicy, sweet pears. The contrasting flavors will take your taste buds on a delightful journey. You can even throw them over your favorite bowl of yogurt or oatmeal for an elevated breakfast. So, why wait? Start exploring these taste sensations today!

Nutritional Benefits

Not only are our chocolate-covered almonds outrageously tasty, they're also a healthier snacking option. Almonds are a powerhouse of essential nutrients, packed with protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. They're known to support brain health, strengthen bones, and contribute to better heart health. When combined with our premium milk chocolate, which is made from the finest cocoa, this treat becomes a source of antioxidants that is beneficial for your overall health. Enjoy the blissful combination of sweetness, crunch, and health benefits with every bite! Remember, snacking smart doesn't mean you have to compromise on flavor.


Properly storing your chocolate almonds helps retain their quality and freshness. Always store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If in original packaging, we recommend always clipping the bag shut to maintain the nuts’ freshness. Transferring the chocolate almonds to an airtight container to prevent exposure to air is also highly recommended. Enjoy these delectable treats within two months for the best taste and crunch!