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Variety Pack (GT-17, GT-13 & GT-19)


Our 3 Pack Variety Pack proves to be a flavorful gift item as it has a good variety of our tasty items. This gift contains the GT-17 which has 2 Almonds varieties and Pistachios, the GT-13 has a sampling of various Dried Fruits, and the GT-19 has 3 different coated Jumbo Raisins.

This 3-Pack ships very well as the gold trays are packed together in a white gift box ready for shipping. 

The net weight for this gift is 42oz.

Shipping weight is 4 lbs.


Introducing the Variety Pack- a perfect gift for your loved ones! This 3-Pack of delicious snacks is sure to keep everyone satisfied, with something for everybody. It includes the GT-17, with two varieties of Almonds and Pistachios; the GT-13, a variety of Dried Fruit; and the GT-19, with three varieties of coated Jumbo Raisins. Best of all, the Variety Pack arrives ready to give. The three gold trays are snugly packed into a white gift box, with no assembly required. Definitely a crowd pleaser, the Variety Pack is sure to leave everyone impressed with the quality of these great snacks.

Great With

These flavorful and nutritious snacks can be a remarkable addition to your favorite recipes. Sprinkle the crunchy Almonds and Pistachios from GT-17 over your morning oatmeal or into a hearty salad for added texture and a burst of protein. The diverse Dried Fruit assortment in GT-13 works wonders in a quinoa dish, and can also be mixed into baking recipes for a natural touch of sweetness. As for the coated Jumbo Raisins in GT-19, they make a delightful topping for yogurt or can be stirred into homemade granola for a tangy twist. With the Variety Pack, the possibilities are endless and delicious!

Nutritional Benefits

The benefits of snacking on our Variety Pack extend beyond the mere joy of tantalizing your taste buds. These handpicked, high-quality snacks are packed with essential nutrients, proteins, and fibers that your body needs. The Almonds and Pistachios in GT-17 provide healthy fats and are a great source of energy to help get you through the day. The Dried Fruit assortment in GT-13 is rich in antioxidants and fiber, supporting digestive health and helping to keep your heart healthy. The coated Jumbo Raisins in GT-19 aren't just a tasty treat - they're also packed with iron, potassium, and B Vitamins. This Variety Pack is not just a snack, but a nutritious and delicious aid to a balanced diet!


Making sure your snacks stay fresh and delicious is always a priority. Keep your Variety Pack in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The Almonds and Pistachios should be kept in tightly sealed containers to maintain their crunchiness, while the Dried Fruit assortment in GT-13 and the coated Jumbo Raisins in GT-19 should be sealed tightly to prevent them from drying out. Remember, proper storage not only maintains the taste and texture of these delectable snacks but also preserves their nutritional value.