Jumbo Flame Raisins

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Jumbo Flame Raisins (FR-12 / FR-80)



Jumbo Flame Raisins are made from sun-dried Flame red grapes. The Jumbo Flame Raisins are known to be the sweetest of all raisin varieties. Jumbo Flame Raisins are rich in Iron and potassium.


Made from sun-dried Flame red grapes, our Jumbo Flame Raisins are the sweetest treat. Enjoy a delicious, sweet treat that is also packed with healthy nutrients! Add Jumbo Flame Raisins to your breakfast cereal, trail mix, or yogurt, and enjoy a healthy, flavorful snack. These raisins are great for baking, snacking, or sharing with your loved ones. Jumbo Flame Raisins are a versatile snack option available in bulk or individual packs for easy access. Make the tasty, healthy choice and order Jumbo Flame Raisins today!

Great With

Elevate your everyday diet to the next level with our tantalizing Jumbo Flame Raisins! Their sweetness makes them a delight to mix into your morning oatmeal or sprinkle over a bowl of fresh fruit for an added punch of flavor without loads of added sugars. Transform your ordinary trail mix into a taste sensation by tossing in a handful of these raisins. Even your mid-day yogurt can turn into a gourmet snack with the addition of our Flame Raisins. These raisins will even take your muffins, cookies, and bread to a new, deliciously sweet dimension. Incorporate Jumbo Flame Raisins into your diet and experience a luxurious yet healthful indulgence daily!

Nutritional Benefits

Indulging in our Jumbo Flame Raisins not only tantalizes your taste buds but also offers many nutritional benefits. Packed with energy, these raisins are a great source of natural sugars, making them an excellent snack for a quick pick-me-up. They are rich in fiber, aid digestion, and contain antioxidants. Flame Raisins also contain essential minerals like Iron and Potassium, contributing to your overall well-being. Additionally, with their low salt content and absence of cholesterol, they are a heart-healthy choice.


Storing Jumbo Flame Raisins correctly is pivotal in maintaining their delightful sweetness and nutritional value. Please keep them in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. A tightly sealed container or resealable bag in a pantry or cupboard works best. Consider refrigeration if you're in a warmer climate or want to extend their freshness even further. This allows you to enjoy these delicious treats at your own pace, knowing they're staying fresh and tasty just for you.